Anti-Microbial Films

How do silver ions achieve a 99.99% reduction in population sizes?

Silver Ions at work

Silver Ions produce alterations to the cell wall whentransported into the cell, bind withproteins and interfere with the productionof energy, enzyme function and cellreplication Silver Ions are active on abroad spectrum of bacteria and viruses.

Area's that can be protected

Door Handles, Desks, Touch Screens, Card Machines, Lift Buttons, Handsets, Work Surfaces, Push Plates,Taps, Key Bathroom Touch Points, Common Areas, Public Transport, Ticket Machines and many more.

Population Growth

Complex microbial communities, consisting of bacteria and onoccasion, fungal species can rapidly grow on surfaces betweencleans. 

 Managing this requires either: 
- Reducing the microbial load through intensive cleaning in orderto eliminate dormant bacteria
- Preventing the biofilm from reforming (Achieved using silverions that destroy the bacteria)
Our Film can be installed on virtually any surface tooffer protection against bacteria and microbes andcoronavirus.

Reducing Population Sizes

Anti-Microbial films have proven a reduction of 99.99% in bacteria and microbes and a reduction of 99.87% in Coronavirus population sizes.

Our films have been tested against ISO22196 and ISO21702 and been proven effective, as you can see from the graph, a complete reduction of the population size ensuring all key touch surfaces stay safe.

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Protecting 24 hours a day, 7 Days a week. Anti-Microbial films can help keep yourself and others safe.