frequently asked questions

Is it easy to apply?
The antimicrobial protection films can be applied to a wide variety of substrates as long asthe target surface is clean, dry, smooth, non-porous and free from any traces of oil, grease,wax, silicone or other contaminants.
How long will it last?
Our films will last on surfaces up to 18 months depending on usage.
Has it been tested?
Yes! It has been tested against bacteria, viruses and microbes. it has been proven effective in reducing the population sizes of all following the below ISO standards. It has been tested and proven effective on human coronavirus HCoV-229E also.

ISO 21702 (201)
ISO 22196
What is your lead time?
Our normal lead time is around 2-3 days before shipping, we do hold stock this is just to cover larger orders which need to be custom made.
Should I clean the films?
Yes we recommend that the films are cleaned as part of your normal cleaning schedule. Cleaning the films ensure the surface stays free from debris but also kickstarts the process of releasing silver ions onto the surface
Are they removable?
Yes they can be removed using small amounts of heat